Eng 221 Memo Evaluation

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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Memo Evaluation

ENG 221

Memo Evaluation
In choosing for the week 2 individual assignment, a memo that was written by Harkins Theaters corporate office in the wake of the Colorado tragedy that occurred on July 20th, 2012. The memo was meant as a general communication to all Harkins Theaters in Arizona and also in Texas, California, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Headquartered in Scottsdale, it was a communication for employees and upper management to know and how to proceed with the opening weekend of Batman. In the aftermath of the horrific tragedy that occurred, Harkins Theaters took an unprecedented approach and was able to effectively communicate to everyone how procedures and safety concerns were going to be addressed by moving forward. By addressing the media in general communication and acknowledging what had occurred, a completely separate memo went out that was not meant for the media at the time. -------------------------------------------------

Organization and Structure
While looking at the formation of the memo and how it was written, the organizational structure was consistent with the formation and characteristics of a standard memo. No urgent flag or highlight of its importance flew out at the reader when submitted. One area of improvement that was obvious was grabbing the reader’s attention. Anytime a negative event occurs like the event in Colorado, highlighting and making folks aware of the urgency that it is placed for the safety of its employees and general public should be tantamount. While the organizational structure was still maintained, a public statement, media and procedural reinforcement was the necessity to have employees read it and understand it was up most important to achieving the overall conclusion of why it was sent.

When reading the memo, clarity was clearly a key to understanding what was going on and why. A more simplistic tone would have been a much simpler approach due in large part to the audience it was meant for. Of course to insure no liability on the part of Harkins Theaters, certain words and phrases must and should remain consistent to the extent that everyone must still understand the nature of the communication. An example of this would be under the media coverage section of the e-mail, or memo, mentioning Bryan Laurel. It was to notify him immediately if there are any requests from the media or if you find media outside your theater. If employees were to follow this guideline, there should be a cell number or office number to accompany this statement. There was no title to his name yet internal employees would identify him as the Director of Marketing. -------------------------------------------------

Tone is vital to any and all memos that are written when setting policy or enforcing policy that should be maintained. The memo at this point about having employees not to speak with or converse with the media was clearly made. General Managers and Senior Managers were to adhere to the procedural reinforcement and it listing examples of this by stating the no weapons policy and keeping an eye on all guests to insure their safety was a point that brought about a tone at which was direct and to the point. -------------------------------------------------

When writing a form of communication, the writing style has to be consistent with any and all forms. Getting the point out, yet keeping in line with legal issues that could arise, is to insure that no ramifications do not come from an employee. By not understanding what it is that they’re trying to do, it is extremely vital to the accomplishment of safety and procedure. The writing style itself made clear of acknowledging the tragedy that...
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