Eng 221 Element K/Week 1

Topics: Writing, Corporation, Writing style Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: October 14, 2012
What are the differences between technical writing and other forms of writing with which you are familiar? Which is more persuasive: technical writing or expository writing? Explain your answer. Which type of writing have you seen used more often in the corporate environment? Academic writing is a form of writing that I am familiar with and the differences between academic writing and technical writing are very important. Both styles of writing have more than one type. The purposes and the audiences are different in these two styles of writing. Academic purposes are presenting your knowledge about certain things, giving your opinion about something you have studied, and to give your point of view. Technical writing’s purpose can be used to teach a person how to use a product, describe how to do someone’s job in their absence, and to describe how a company conduct’s its business. Persuasive to me means to express your opinion or argue a point of view and/or idea. Expository writing is writing that explains something that is based on facts verses based on opinion. Technical writing is writing that is used primarily in engineering and scientific work, which explains procedural steps and explanations of different terminology. I feel based on the type of language used, how convincing the factual information is, and how the attitude of the author is determines the persuasiveness of the writing, so either writing could be persuasive. The type of writing in the corporate environment that is used the most depends on that type of corporation it is. Corporations that do more research or sales I think would use more technical writing. In other companies I think expository writing is more useful.
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