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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Corporate Memos
November 26, 2012

Corporate Memos
To:John E. Smith, Manager
From:Dustin T. Dean, IT
Date: [ 11/27/2012 ]
Subject: Video Conferencing Software
On November 23, 2012 Management made an inquiry about which specific video conferencing software that CompuMed should use in the upcoming December 15, 2012 video conference with Wake Medical. IT was asked to evaluate and find two feasible options that Management could select from. I have evaluated multiple options and have listed my findings below as well as my recommendations.

Software| Price| Video Quality| OS| Mobile Host/Attend| Chat Support| Encrypted Communication| Recording Capabilities| File Upload Capabilities| Secure Access| Adobe Connect| $45/yr, $55/mo, $0.32/min| VGA, HQ, HD| Windows, Mac, Linux| Yes| Yes| Yes| Yes| PDF, PPT| Yes| Teleskill Live| Not Listed / Will not disclose| VGA, HQ| Windows, Mac, Linux| Yes| Yes| Yes| Yes| PDF, PPT| Yes| Saba Meeting| $15/mo, $31/mo, billed annually| VGA, HD| Windows, Mac, Linux| Yes | Yes| Yes| Yes| PDF, PPT| Yes| Avido| Dependent on participants, ranges from $20/mo to $199/mo| VGA, HD| Windows, Mac, Linux| Yes| Yes| Yes| Yes| PDF, PPT| Yes|

While most of the software evaluated have almost identical features my recommendations would be Adobe Connect or Avido. Adobe Connect:
A very recognizable company with an excellent hosting and service record, Adobe offers the most for your money. With Adobe you get more participants for a lower price. Adobe will also service, install, as well as update your software. Only offers specific set number of participants per host. Avido:

The company is not as well known and does not offer the same service package as Adobe. Avido Does Have the same features but at a higher price. The plus to using this company is that you only will have to pay for the specific number of users you wish to use.

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