Eng 125 Week 2 Country Lovers

Topics: Narrative, Fiction, South Africa Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story
ENG 125 Introduction to Literature
Instructor: Loretta Crosson

In the short story Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer is discuss the Apartheid in South Africa where two young people fell in love. This was a forbidden love. The black woman Thebedi, and Paulus the son of her white masters took a chance on love and engaged in a sexual relationship which lead to Thebedi getting pregnant. Paulus then leave for veterinary college not knowing that Thebedi is pregnant. When he returns Thebedi is married to Njabulo, who cares for the child. Paulus was overcome with “tears, anger, and self-pity” realizing that he was the father of Thebedi baby girl. The next day the child died. At trail the mother states that, “she saw the accused pouring liquid in to the baby’s mouth. She said he had threatened to shoot her if she told anyone” (Clugston, 2010). The story Thebedi experienced two types of discrimination first for being black and second for being a woman. It was through these secret dates that their forbidden sexual encounters took place. To truly have a clear understanding of this historic theme you have to understand the context in which it is written (Clugston, 2010). Some literary elements in the short story that contribute to the theme are setting, characters and point of view. In this short story it was set in the 1970’s in South Africa, this was a historic period due to apartheid. By understanding the apartheid situation in South Africa at that time the actions of Paulus become more apparent. It was unacceptable for these two young people to ever have a relationship since Thebedi was an African and she was considered to be the lowest class. Having any type of relationship between Thebedi and Paulus was prohibited. As terrible as it was that Paulus killed his own child it is now understandable based on the laws of that time and what would have taken place if others found out (Owens, 2002) They are...
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