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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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Week 1 dq1
Fried green tomatoes is my choice, reading this book opened my eyes to rules in society in the 1930’s especially the treatment of African American the white rules imposed on where they could sit, walk, or eat, and the attitude of racism, which had affected the lives of so many in the 1930s no longer affects people quite so harshly today. The book brings to the surface another bad attitude people had in the 1930s towards homosexuality. The thought of a man having relations with another man, or a woman having relations with another woman, never even came to mind then. Society believed the man should marry the woman and the woman should serve the man. If a relationship didn't follow this belief, the people involved were chastised for going against the ways of society. 

The story begins in the 1980's a nurse helps an old lady in her final years who tells her the story of the town whistle stop in Alabama. The author Fannie Flagg Introduces the two main characters Ruth and Idgie two women who fall in love with each other a woman in love with another woman, something only the Threadgoode family who owned the restaurant would accept, but no one else would. The murder mystery this keeps one guessing all through the book who done it, eventually the story reveals the true event that ties in some unexplained actions. This part kind of through me of a little as I could not figure out who exactly is tied Frank Bennet's murder. My favorite part is how they dispose of the body this gave me a sense of pay back for the wrongs that Frank Bennet the villain imposed on his wife Ruth in the form of big georges special barbecues. The court trial is humorous as Idgie and big george who are blamed for the murder is on trial but her wisecracks and quick thinking constantly puts the prosecutor out of step.   

The main emotional part in the book and basically shows the authors theme is when Ruth tells Idgie she would be leaving for Georgia, Idgie then throws the biggest fit and begs Ruth not to leave. Idgie has no idea when she was begging Ruth to stay and live with them what she was asking; but Ruth knew, and she realized she had to get away. Ruth knew that if she stayed, instead of going home to marry the well-talked about young man she was engaged to her identity is now in question if people back home found out who she really was they would no longer think of her as such a wonderful person. This book gives an insight to the emotions people felt back in the 1930’s in the South from different types of discrimination Week1dq2

I chose Lewis, Sinclair. (1996). The Hack Driver. This Short story covers people’s moral attitudes in different environments as a con man defrauds a young inexperienced lawyer.
The Plot is defined in a twist, the nature to this is found in the young man’s definition to class distinctions; intelligence compared to cunning streetwise; this is related throughout the story the author inferred this to the setting a small town social networking environment compared to big city attitudes who consider villagers to be inferior in intelligence. The villagers direct a young naive detective in a merry chase of deception. When the lawyer saw Lutkins/Magnuson at New Mullion, he thought that Lutkins was a cheerful and friendly person who liked people. He also thought that Lutkins was very kind and helpful, he was not correct in his judgment of Lutkins, because he was duped by Lutkins. The plot thickens as Lutkins parades the young lawyer all over the village in search of Lutkins himself, as Lutkins was making a fool of the young lawyer with the villagers help.

The entire village conspires in Lutkins/Magnuson plot into cheating the young lawyer into imagining that New Mullion is a friendly place without prejudices against the Big City upper class downtrodden attitudes against small town inhabitants. This false illusion is conceived as the lawyer beholds beautiful scenery combined in small simple houses decorated like a...
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