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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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North South University

|Research Questionnaire Submission | | | |Topic | |Problems Faced by Bengali Medium Students in North South University | |Faculty: Dr. Deena P. Forkan (DF) | |Department of English | |Sagar Das | |ID: 093 0035 030 | |Course: ENG-105 | |SECTION- 02 | | | | | |Date of Submission | |18-11-2012 | | |

Topic: Problems Faced by Bengali Medium Students in North South University. Target Group: Students in North South University. (Both English and Bengali Medium). Instructions: Dear respondent, this research is going to conduct for ENG- 105 which is offered by North South University. So, please tick the option that you think is the most suitable. This survey is conducted for educational purpose. All the information that you provide will be kept confidential. Sex: Male

Educational Background:
← English Medium
← Bengali Medium
Q1. What are the problems that the Bengali Medium students are facing in North South University? ➢ Lack in class participation
➢ Fear of presentation
➢ Communicating with others
➢ Poor writing skill
Q2. Does the English that is taught at S.S.C and H.S.C. levels prepare a student to face the Challenges at NSU?

➢ Yes, it’s enough to face the challenges.

➢ Yes, but still they need to work hard.

➢ No, because at those level students have lack of fluency in English speaking.

➢ No, at those level English are writing oriented rather than developing interpersonal skills.

Q3. Do you think Bengali Medium students sometimes try to avoid presentation due to their inefficiency in speaking English?

➢ Strongly agree

➢ Agree

➢ Disagree

➢ Strongly disagree

Q4. Do you think that the English Medium students participate more in the competition arranged by NSU?

➢ Yes, because they have a good English basic.

➢ Yes, because they can easily interact with others.

➢ No, it’s not always true Bengali medium students also participate more...
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