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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Assignment 2:"Changing Our Lives"

Larry Hume

Professor Kristine Tressler

ENG 090- Writing Fundamentals
Strayer University


Time For A Change:No Longer Holding Back


Graduating high school is an accomplishment all on its own. Being able to go to college and truly make something of yourself is a journey some do not complete. Imagine finishing high school, receiving a Merit Scholarship, and ready to go to college, only to be rejected due to your living arrangements. This has kept me from going to college over ten years ago, wasting a 75% scholarship. Ten years later, married with three kids, and the one person in the world that means anything to me is urging me to go back to school by saying that I am too smart to stay stuck in the same position running restaurants. It is time to stop living in the past. There was so much in my past that held me back from going to college, and it was those failures and my family that helped me make the decision to go to Strayer Univerisity. (Thesis)

Knowing that I have the never ending support from my wife, I have chosen to go back to college with the inspiration I have obtained from being held back, the support from my wife, and to achieve in a personal accomplishment that I feel I have failed at ten years ago. I must go back, to make myself better for my family, to make them proud of their daddy and husband.

Looking back ten years when I was in high school, I was very successful at everything that I did. From my basic classes, excelling in english composition, to going to a trade school learning architectural drafting, I felt that I was really achieving my goals. I accomplished being ranked in the top 5% in Florida for both the Florida Writes Test(English Composition), as well as an architectural drafter. I was able to obtain a merit scholarship, that paid for 75% of my...
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