Enforce the Death Penalty

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Human life is a God-given right and a freedom provided by our government; however, mankind selfishly steals that right from their own all too often. The death penalty is a morally acceptable and justifiable punishment for murder. Simply placing someone in prison is not the equivalent to stealing an innocent life. According to Casey Carmical, “The purpose of the death penalty is to bring the murderer to justice and to acknowledge the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life” (Capital Punishment Is Morally Justified). Although abolitionists argue that the death penalty is too expensive and violates human rights, the death penalty does save lives, deter murder rates, and is a morally correct punishment.

The death penalty saves lives through the fact that “during the ten-year moratorium period (1967-1977), in which no executions took place in the United States, the number of murders doubled from the previous ten-year period, during which 289 executions took place” (The Death Penalty Saves Lives). In the years between 1957-1967, the highest murder rate was “11,040 in 1966, the year before the moratorium” (United States Crime Rates 1960- 2010). In the years of the prohibition of the death penalty the highest number of murders was in 1977 with 19,120 murders (United States Crime Rates 1960- 2010). Even after the death penalty was put back in effect in 1978, it was another 15 years before murder rates began to lower. Another example of the death penalty saving lives is that, if the murderer is put to death immediately after ruling, the inmates do not have the chance to rob another innocent person of his/her life. Since 1957 to present day, 65 people on death row who were convicted of murder have killed again. Some of these people were paroled and/or released from prison due to “insufficient funds”, to maintain the inmate. Many men and women have escaped from prison, holding hostages and some of those escapees have never been apprehended. Also a portion of those...
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