Enfj Personality

Topics: Learning styles, Personality psychology, Trait theory Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: December 13, 2012
My Strength and Weaknesses
The results of the personality assessment indicated that I have an ENFJ personality. After reading the description I was surprised to see how accurate the results were. ENFJ’s are global learners and they see the big picture (Butt, 2005). These characteristics are similar to my preferred learning style. The VARK questionnaire indicated that my preferred learning preference is visual. Visual learners are also known to be good at seeing the big picture (Silverman, 2003). The personality assessment goes on to say ENFJs have the ability to juggle a number of duties at one time (Butt, 2005). The ability to juggle several things at one time is a trait that enabled me to advance to a team leader position at my current job. ENFJs are known to be people that like to enable and help others (Butt, 2005). My need to help people is what drew me to the field of healthcare. I am known to go above and beyond the call of duty to help others. This is a trait that can play a part in hindering my career or a tool that can be used for advancement. It hinders me because at times I work so hard to help others that I have neglected my own needs. Neglecting my needs leads me to being over worked and sleep deprived. Coming to work with not enough rest is an easy way to make careless mistakes. This can have a negative effect on my work performance. On the flip side, my supervisors have recognized how I enjoy helping and enabling others. These traits could ultimately be helpful as I begin to transition into a leadership role. I have enabled people by helping them recognize their strengths and pushing them to believe in themselves. This confidence enables them to be more successful in the work place. These characteristics I display were also results of the Work Style Assessment I completed. The results indicated openness to improvement. It described me as having strong...
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