Energy Star

Topics: Energy Star, Energy conservation, Efficient energy use Pages: 8 (2428 words) Published: January 23, 2008
The Energy Star Program has Influenced Businesses

The Energy Star program was developed by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 due to concerns about the increasing emission of greenhouses gases. The increasing sales and use of Energy Star products have influenced manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses to produce Energy Star products and use them in their buildings. The Energy Star program has included its Energy Star logo on many products and has recently extended to cover new homes and commercial and industrial buildings. Communication of Energy Star has increased, affecting the decisions of consumers and business professionals. These main characteristics of Energy Star will be analyzed:

•Retailers and Manufacturers Benefit from Energy Star
•Energy Star Affects Consumer Demand and Business Sales
•Energy Star Works with Industrial Corporations
•Energy Star Program is Expanding
•Communication of Energy Star Changes Perceptions
•Decision Making is Affected by Energy Star

Retailers and Manufacturers Benefit from Energy Star

By joining Energy Star, manufacturers and retailers receive various benefits. Businesses agree to promote the reduction of energy consumption by communicating with each other and networking. Because both retailers and manufacturers focus on selling Energy Star products, the marketing efforts of one business benefit all the others.

Partners Promote Energy Star by Joining

Several Companies have joined Energy Star to benefit from Energy Star program support and help educate the public on energy efficiency. The number of partners has grown to more than 1500 manufacturers and 800 retailers in 2005(EPA, 2006). By joining, businesses help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrate environmental awareness, and increase their competitiveness. A partner of Energy Star must agree to educate the public on energy efficiency and increase propaganda of the Energy Star program (Energy Star, 2006). According to a Gallup report on Energy Star partner satisfaction "as a general finding, Energy Star partners were very satisfied with the program and the service they receive from program staff" (Cohen & Beck, 2001).

Partners Help Market Energy Star

Many companies have helped increase the visibility of the Energy Star logo by using several marketing strategies. Home Depot, a retail company, paid for a National Energy Star TV spot to help raise awareness concerning the Energy Star logo. Another Retail company, Sears, promoted the use of Energy Star products by offering customers a 12 month 0-financing deal on any Energy Star product over $399. As a fruit of the campaign, Sears's efforts created more than 35 billion exposures to the Energy Star logo (U.S Department of Energy, 2005). Premier Lightning, a lightning showroom business in California, was able to increase sales due to the increasing interest for Energy Star logo brands like Wilshire and Sea Gull lightning. The quality of the lightning and the publicized Energy Star logo helped Premier lightning attract customers and improve competitiveness. General Electric has informed consumers by including information of Energy Star in their widely visited website ( Schwartz, 2006). GE has also included customer rebates and in store promotions of Energy Star products ( Howley, 2004). These strategies help market the products of manufacturers as well as helping increase the sales for retailers. Appearance of the Energy Star label helps other businesses sell their products as customers become attracted to the logo.

Partners Benefit from Networking

Manufacturer and retail partners benefit from Energy Star networking by sharing ideas and negotiating with each other. Every year Energy Star organizes an award ceremony to recognize advertising strategies and promotion of energy efficient products run by several businesses (U.S Department of Energy, 2005). Selling products and organizing campaigns becomes easier when...
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