Energy Meter

Topics: Automatic meter reading, GSM, Electric power Pages: 11 (3054 words) Published: May 2, 2013
International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 888) Volume 47– No.12, June 2012

Design and Development of GSM based Energy Meter
Abhinandan Jain
Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India

Dilip Kumar
Department of Academic and Consultancy Services Division C-DAC, Mohali Mohali, India

Jyoti Kedia
Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, India

Traditional metering method for retrieving the energy data is not convenient and the cost of the data logging systems is high. So this paper presents of design and development of Automatic meter reading (AMR) system. AMR system is a boom for remote monitoring and control domestic energy meter. AMR system give the information of meter reading, power cut, total load used, power disconnect and tempering on request or regularly in particular interval through SMS. This information is being sent and received by concerned energy Provider Company with the help of Global system for mobile communication (GSM) network. Energy provider receives the meter reading within a second without visiting person. AMR minimize the number of traditional visits required by employs of energy Provider Company. This system not only reduces the labor cost but also increase meter reading accuracy and save hugs amount of time. Key term: Short message service (SMS), Automatic meter reading (AMR), Energy meter, Energy provider company, GSM.

consummation updates [3]. AMR is the technology for remote monitoring and to control domestic energy meter and reduces current pilfering. This paper presents a network communication technology which enables energy Provider Company to read the meter reading regularly without the person visiting each house by using GSM communication technology. AMR system is very useful for remote area or small villages which are not connected by any means of transport such as an island or remote precinct. This GSM based data collection system can be very swift, accurate and efficient.

Figure 1 shows the complete system description. In this system each and every meter is provided a particular ID number. This ID number is provided according to SIM card unique service number. This system continuously monitors every meter reading daily, weekly, monthly or on request and sends to central server of energy Provider Company. The meter reading is stored in database server through SMS gateway. After billing calculation a bill is issued by energy Provider Company which can be sent either by email, by web account or by post. Customers can pay the bill using net banking. AMR also sends the information of power cut and power consumption through SMS. This SIM card service number is used to identify and retrieve customers detail for billing and identification purpose.

An energy meter is a device which is used to measures the consumption of energy of any residence or other industrial establishment. In Conventional metering system to measure electricity consumption the energy provider company hire persons who visit each house and record the meter reading manually. These meter readings are used for electricity bill calculation and this bill sent to consumer house by post. This is only a sluggish and laborious. In Conventionally metering system people try to manipulate meter reading by adopting various corrupt practices such as current reversal or CT reverse tampers, partial earth fault condition, bypass meter, magnetic interference etc . There is a stark amount of revenue loss being incurred by our country. This metering system becomes very difficult especially in rainy season. If any consumer did not pay the bill, the electricity worker needs to go to their houses to disconnect the power supply. It is inefficient way for measuring power consumption. Power line communication and Zigbee technology also use for meter reading. The...
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