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Energy Management System

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Energy Management System

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Energy Management System (EMS)
Energy Management System is a system that manages and controls the usage of energy in industries or companies with a centralized control so that maximize the works with minimums of energy. It means that as the same level of production being achieved at an overall lower energy cost, it is equally important for the industries and properties today as the cost for energy always are huge amount of expenses for them. Energy Management is a process rather than a product or series of products. It is not only installed something on a machine or any equipment to enhance its performance with lower energy but to manage its working way, for example standby mode and sleep mode. What is the time for it to work and what is the time for it to rest to prevent wastage of energy from occurring.

The process above has to keep on doing as to improve and have better and efficiency system. Before apply Energy Management System to a property, first we have to identify what kinds of equipments or energy eater have to be monitored. For example, air-conditioner and lighting of hotel rooms, laundering machines and lighting in the

laundry department etc. all of these things consume a lot of energy to work especially for the machines in laundry departments and so we have to know the basic rate of energy it used and we will come to the second part evaluating the potential saving part of those equipments and area. Like for ironer, it takes long time to boot it on and for ready to use, it should attached sleep mode function as it can get into sleep mode while there is no work for it. As a final result, we can know what kind of process we should apply and what kind of equipment we need for the Energy Management System for the property and to improve it at the same time.

Energy monitoring systems is part of Energy Management System. It must be in place to determine the current consumption of energy effectively. These are the things can include in the...

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