Energy in Food

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Temperature Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: October 28, 2011
To determine the stored energy in peanut and biscuit by calculating the temperature change of water.

The calorie of peanut is higher than taht of biscuit.

Principle of method
Burn food samples under a boiling tube containing a measured amount of water. Measure the temperature increase in the water. Calculate the amount of energy needed to cause that temperature increase. This gives an estimate of the amount of energy stored in the peanut and biscuit . In the experiment, water is placed in the boiling tube. When a particular food item will be ignited under the boiling tube, the water above will absorb the heat, thereby causing the temperature (T) of the water to increase. By measuring the change in temperature (ΔT) of a known volume of water, the energy gained by the water can be calculated by using the formula as follows: E = mcΔT where E is the heat gained in calories (cal); m is the mass of water in grams (g); c is the specific heat capacity of water (1 calorie/g °C); and ΔT is the change in temperature in degrees Celsius (°C). In the experiment, the independent variable is the different types of food used and the dependent variable is the temperature change of water. The controlled variables are the weight of food and the volume of water. Also, we assume that the heat gained by the water will equal to the heat lost by the food. Procedure

1.Cut up a range of foods into small pieces – around 1 cm square or 0.5 cm cubed.(with the same mass) 2.Weigh the pieces of food to obtain the same weight by using the balance . 3.Use the measuring cylinder to measure 20 cm3 of water into the boiling tube. 4.Clamp the boiling tube to the clamp stand.

5.Measure and record the initial temperature of the water with the thermometer. 6.Impale the piece of food carefully on a mounted needle.
7.Light the Bunsen burner and hold the food in the flame until it catches alight. (Precaution: Wear safety spectacles when using Bunsen burner.) 8....
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