Energy Efficiency

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April 24, 2011

Energy Efficiency

There are various sources of energy available for use. However, energy is a limited and sparse resource that is not in abundance at all places. There is an ever rising need for more energy, but the energy supply and resources are limited. As a result, people have to develop means that can enable them to survive with the small amount of energy that is available. The proper and sustainable use of energy is known as energy efficiency. Efficiency is attained through the adoption of diverse technological methods of energy preservation.

Efficiency in energy use contributes to economic growth while at the same time contributing to environmental preservation. It also enhances competition and profitability. Efficient use of energy is aimed at reducing the amount of energy necessary in the production of good s and services. Research in all industries is driven towards improving production from industrial processes. These improvements occur in various ways and with different benefits. These improvements may lower capital costs, increase yields, reduce operational costs and reduce energy and resource use. This also brings a number of enhancements including increased yield, safe working conditions and lower maintenance costs-just to mention a few. Today’s world is very competitive, and a single effort that can put a competitor a head of another is very essential. Energy conservation and efficient use may make a big difference in production costs as well as in the pricing of produce and services. The difference in prices is what determines whether a business will be successful or not. Reducing energy consumption also increases production. There is a clear relationship between energy consumption and productivity. Energy conservation improves many sectors of any business organization. Firstly, energy conservation improves the capacity of any business organization to compete against fellow competitors. The ability...
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