Energy Drinks, Real or Fake?

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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A fruit juice with mystical powers of energy and vitality, is this too good to be true? Chances are with some investigation, the claims may be difficult to prove, to say the least. What is the secret formula which would give the average person that extra energy they may need throughout their day? A breakdown of ingredients on the label would be the best place to begin. Also, who created this drink? Was it a group of nutrition scientists that worked tirelessly around the clock to create this potion, or was it a group of guys that worked for some “healthy beverage company” trying to make a buck? This is the real mystery behind the drink. As a scientist, the first matter is the ingredients of the drink. Reading the label, the first ingredient will most likely be filtered water, then possibly high fructose corn syrup and “real fruit juice” of some type. Then a list of added vitamins, which consist of a mixture of guarana, vitamin C and chromium and the list goes on from there. The maker of this wonder product happens to be a well-known beverage company. The beverage has not been approved by the FDA. The company utilizes creative advertising, making vague promises of “increased energy in many users”. This claim is true, as guarana is a natural stimulant. Investigation of the product shows no consumer complaints, but no real proof the drink provides much more than a caffeine high. A blind experiment will be performed to find proof in the claims. A group of 20 people will be given either the energy drink or a similar fruit juice drink in unmarked bottles. It will be explained to the participants they may or may not be drinking the energy drink. They are to consume one drink per day, as instructed by the label. They are instructed to avoid any other forms of caffeine, as it may sway the results of the experiment. They will drink it the same time each day and track their energy levels throughout the day. At the end of the 10 day period, they will...
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