Energy Drinks Rationale

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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Chapter 1
Energy drinks were maufactured for the purpose of providing mental and physical stimulation for a short period of time. They are specially formulated for people who needs extra energy and are looking for a temporary mental and physical booster in order to get through day to day's activity. Energy drinks sprung in the global market wayback 1997 with Red Bull being the very first product that hit the market. Energy drinks contain different ingredients such as caffeine, sugars, taurine, ginseng, guarana extract, and other ingredients such as vitamins and amino acids. Indeed, energy drinks are useful especially for those people who are exposed to heavy work and thinking and need an extra energy to do so. But along with the benefits that one may get in ingesting energy drinks comes the negative effects it may give in one's body. The energy drink market is a fast-growing market, as it remains as the most dynamic segment on the soft drinks market, with strong growth in most market, according to Zenith International. It is most popular to athletes, people in professions, and students. This study is conducted to study the good and bad effects energy drinks may bring to those who ingest it, focusing specially on college students who are most likely exposed to different kind of stress and energy-draining activities such as studying. Since the focus of the study is towards the college students, the research's aim is to explain the effects of energy drinks to the college student's health and school performance, to weigh the good effects and the downside of ingesting it, to suggest some ideas for the betterment of the situation or for the elimination of problems encountered, and to find some alternatives for those situations which are found and proven ineffective. The discovery of energy drinks has been phenomenal. Its global consumption over the last five years has grown by about 10% anually, and now it is sold in over 160 countries...
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