Energy Drink Market in Romania

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Project Barbarossa Information Pack – Red Devil Romania Operations

April 2010

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This document is for information purposes only, and should be read by the person to whom it has been given. The p y , y , y p recipient must use it for his/her information only and must not disclose it, or any of its contents, to any other person. This document should be returned to Barbarossa Romania in the event that the recipient decides not to proceed with his/her investment in the transaction described. This document does not constitute, and should in no way be construed or held out as constituting, an offer or invitation to subscribe for, or to purchase, shares or securities in any corporation, company or partnership. Any subscription for securities will only be made in accordance with all relevant investment documentation, when dully entered into and exchanged. The reader of this document should bear in mind that project of this nature may pertain certain risks. Most importantly, the Forecast presented in this project may not be in line with future results. All projections forecasts and estimates contained in this brochure are prepared on the basis of current information projections, information, legislation, market and tax practice in Romania. This brochure includes information obtained from external resources, and this information has been reproduced accurately from these sources. Barbarossa Romania accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. This brochure and the statements in it do not constitute investment advice, and prospective investor should consult their Own legal financial tax or market advisers in relation to their participation in this investment and in particular how this legal, financial, investment, Investment affects their own position. No guarantee, warranty or undertaking as to actual results that may be achieved during any period has been made or implied by Barbarossa Romania, any Companies included in this document or any of their representatives. Likewise, none of them has guaranteed, warranted or undertaken to financially support any of the liabilities or any Companies included in this document any period. thi d t i d

Project Barbarossa. Information Pack – Red Devil Romania Operations


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 2. Romania in Figures 3. 3 Retail Market - Romania 4. Energy Drinks Market - Romania 5 co o Consumption 5. Alcohol Co su p o - Romania o a a 6. Challenges & Opportunities 7. Conclusion 8. Company & Management

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Section 1 Executive Summary


Section 1 – Executive Summary

Executive Summary
Red Devil lets you deal with devilish pressure and get pleasure out of life. SC Barbarossa SRL, intends to be the distributor of Red Devil Energy Drinks in its Romania operations. We believe that being a niche product, Red Devil can be a success story in the dynamic Romanian Market, with 21.5 Mils of population. 55 % of this population is living in the cities. GDP per capita in Romania is USD 11.755 (IMF 2009), 2009) almost only 30 % that of EU EU. The total all food and drink market in Romania is expected to worth Euro 31.6 billion in 2010, made up of Euro 25.3 billion in retail (80.0%) and Euro 6.3 billion (20.0%) in foodservice. In Europe, Romania had a 2.0% share of the market for a 4.3% share of the population. Total Retail Market has nearly doubled between 2004-2008, making 2004 2008, it a potentially very lucrative market, from € 21.37bn in 2004 to € 38.97bn in 2008. Only with modern retail networks and national distributors, aprx. 50 % of the total market is reachable in short term. Expectancy for volume of the Romanian energy drink market to be € 50 mils in 2010. Energy drinks consumption p y gy gy p in Romania is very low, around 0.37 liters per capita, compared to other European Countries. The consumption has increased with a rapid movement from 1.3...
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