Energy Crisis of Pakistan

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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ENERGY Energy is a physical quantity that describes the amount of work that can be done by a force.FORMS OF ENERGY ENERGY CRISIS……..? An energy crisis is any great shortfall in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources. The crisis often has effects on the rest of the economy, with many recessions being caused by an energy crisis in some form. In particular, the production costs of electricity rise, which raises manufacturing costs.ENERGY CRISIS IN PAKISTAN Energy crisis in Pakistan was expected and it started in the year 2007. We will look at the demand and supply of 2008 and expected demand and supply of coming years. YEAR EXPECTED DEMAND (SUMMER SURPLUS/DEFICIT AVAILABLE PEAK) GENERATION2008 13146 16848 -33382009 16110 17868 -17582010 18503 19352 -8492011 20814 20874 -602012 21167 22460 -12932013 23368 24126 -7582014 23538 25919 -23812015 24408 28029 -36212016 25630 30223 -45932017 27481 35504 -80232018 27481 34918 -74372019 27481 37907 -104262020 27481 41132 -13651 CAUSES OF ENERGY CRISIS IN PAKISTAN• ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY• FLUCTUATION OF OIL PRICES IN ENERGY MARKET• FAULTY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM• AGING OF EQUIPMENT• UNPRODUCTIVE EFFORTS• MISMANAGEMENT OF ENERGY RESOURCES SOLUTIONS To overcome the current energy crisis Pakistan needs to take the following steps:•Short term plans•Medium term plans•Long term plans SHORT TERM PLANS:•Increase the number of IPPs (independent Power Producers)•Reactivate the closed power generating units•Overhaul the existing poor distribution system•Import electricity to fulfill the current need for industries on ADHOC basis•Government should have strict check on energy indicators on regular basis to counter suchcrisis in futureMEDIUM TERM PLANS:•Transformation of existing system to renewable energy resources•Developing and installing biogas, solar, wind and micro hydro based projects in villages...
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