Energy Crisis in Pakistan

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  • Published : October 16, 2011
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Shortage of energy is considered to be the root cause of current economic recession in the world. With rapid economic growth, the demands of energy have arisen manifolds vis-à-vis its availability over the decades. To meet the shortfall, nations are resorting to innovative methods and practices to better manage and conserve energy besides tapping new sources of energy. Pakistan is passing through a critical phase of energy crisis, which is adversely affecting the social fabric of our society. As of now, Pakistan’s energy shortage in summers stands at 3500-4000 Mega Watts (MW), which is expected to increase to 5300 MW by 2010. This clearly indicates our inability to better manage/conserve energy and exploit additional sources in the past. Domestically, gross mis-management every year results in colossal loss of energy and revenue. To that end, government has announced some management measures to conserve energy, but its practical manifestation remains a major challenge. Above in view, analyze the causes of prevalent energy crisis in Pakistan and the government efforts to conserve and manage energy losses. Also analyze how best Pakistan can benefit from international practices to better conserve and avert energy losses.

For any country, the energy sector is of vital importance as various industrial sectors are very much dependent on an abundant and uninterrupted supply of energy, most of which today comes from burning fossil fuels. Pakistan remains largely energy deficient with an ever widening gap between country’s current energy supplies and demands. Pakistan obtains its current energy requirements from a variety of sources. Main electric power generation sources include 71.9% thermal, 25.2% hydel and 2.9% nuclear. The main consumers of energy are the domestic, industry, transport and agriculture. While there is no prospect for Pakistan to reach self-sufficiency in energy to meet its consumer demands, there is a definite need to conserve energy....
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