Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Joseph Stalin was the prime minister of the soviet union
He was basically a Russian .He was the prime minister from 6may 1941 until his death .   EARLY LIFE:
Stalin was born  on 18 December 1878[1] to Ketevan Geladze and Besarion Jughashvili,his father was a clobber in gori, Russian empire, now Georgia. He was their fourth child; their three previous sons died in infancy. At the age of seven, he contracted smallpox.  At ten, he began attending church school where the Georgian children were forced to speak Russian.  At sixteen, he received a scholarship to a Georgian Orthodox seminary, where he rebelled against the imperialist and religious order.he performed well there , but he was expelled in 1988 for missing his exams. he was also expelled by the soviet union for reading illeagel literature and forming a Social Democratic study circle. Stalin discovered the writings of Vladimir Lenin and decided to become a Marxist revolutionary, eventually joining Lenin's Bolsheviks in 1903.  He became one of the Bolsheviks' chief operatives in the Caucasus, organizing paramilitaries, inciting strikes, spreading propaganda and raising money through bank robberies, ransom kidnappings and extortion. The infamy he gained from being associated with organizing the 1907 Tiflis bank robbery, which resulted in several deaths and the stealing of 250,000 rubles (about US $3.4 million in modern terms), would trouble him politically for years later. In the summer of 1906, Stalin married Ekaterina Svanidze, who later gave birth to Stalin's first child, Yakov. A year later she died of typhus in Baku. Stalin was captured and sent to Siberia seven times, but escaped most of these exiles. He adopted the name "Stalin" from the Russian word for steel and used it as an alias and pen name in his published works. During his last exile, Stalin was conscripted by the Russian army to fight in World War I, but was deemed unfit for service because of his damaged left arm.

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