Energy Crisis

Topics: World energy resources and consumption, Alternative energy, Energy development Pages: 7 (2237 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Module Code: BT131
Module Title: International Transport & Sustainable Business Assignment Title: Energy crisis and solutions in transport sector Student Name: Yina Tan
Student Number: 1012251
Module Tutor: Peter Wells & Paul Nieuwenhuis
Assignment Lengths: 1864 words
Submission Date: 10/11/2010

This assignment mainly focuses on the fiercest problem human beings encountered presently—energy crisis. Then it has explained the 3 factors resulting in this severe scenario, containing soaring population, economy growth as well as disparity and imbalance between energy consumption and production. As one of the industries which consume a large amount of energy, it is urgent for transport sector to figure out some methods to cope with energy crisis. Alternative energy sources, energy-saving vehicles, public transport system, optimizing transport structure, information technology are part of the solutions to this issue.

On contemporary society humans are facing an unprecedented challenge—energy crisis; there is wide agreement that our Earth cannot sustain current levels of material and energy consumption, let alone increased levels. According to the latest statistics from BP Statistical Review of World Energy (2010), total world proved reserves of oil is 1333.1 thousand million barrels with consumption of 38.821 thousand million barrels by the end of 2009; total world proved reserves of natural gas is 187.49 trillion with cubic metres with consumption of 2.6531 trillion cubic metres by the end of 2009, while total world proved reserves of coal is 826001 million tons with consumption of 3278.3 million tons by the end of 2009. In accordance with calculation, the proven reserves of oil, natural gas and coal could sustain the current production rate for 41, 71 and 252 years, respectively. | |Oil |Natural gas |Coal | | |(thousand million barrels) |(trillion cubic metres) |(million tons) | |Energy preserved 2009 |1333.1 |187.49 |826001 | |Energy consumed 2009 |38.821 |2.6531 |3278.3 | |Sustained years |41 |71 |252 |

An Energy Crisis is any great shortfall (or price rise) in the supply of energy to an economy. It mainly refers to the shortage of oil, electricity and other natural resources. Energy crisis can often lead to economy recessions. Particularly, from the transport sector, the price of petrol/gasoline for cars and other vehicles rises will result in reduced consumer confidence and expenditure. One factor driving energy crisis is the ever growing world’s population: in 1950, there were 2.5 billion people, while in 2010 there are 6.9 billion and it may reach 9 billion people on Earth before the middle of this century according to 2008 UN Population Estimate. Besides the rise in per capita energy and material consumption which, in the 50 years, has soared faster than the human population (figure1). Figure1: Population growth and global energy consumption from 1850 to 2000 (Source from The other factor of this issue is the economic growth. From the history of mankind’s economic development, it is evident that economic growth relies on non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil rather than renewable materials. Actually, since the coal, gas and oil energy was so cheap that the whole world had consumed and even wasted too much during the previous economic activities; global energy demand has grown gradually every year and now the world has become over-depended on the rapidly depleted non-renewable resources. The increasing...
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