Energy Crisis

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Sustainability, Renewable energy Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: January 7, 2013
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Renewable energy has a positive effect on economy. Do you agree?

As the fossil fuels resources have been continually mind in recent years. The lack of energy resources is one of the greatest challenges faced by government in Australia. Therefore, the new energy resources are promoted and developed such as nuclear power and renewable energy. Some in Australia argued that development of new energy resources not only alleviates the shortage of fossil fuels resources and protects the environment, but also reduces the costs through resources savings and increases revenue. This essay will argue that renewable energy has a positive effect on economy. It will be demonstrated by focusing on reducing the costs of resources saving and the environmental issue.

Renewable energy is major contributor to alleviation of fossil fuels shortages, which means reducing the costs through resources savings. Renewable energy is sustainable energy that comes from natural environment such as solar and wind. They are reduced the costs of energy production and resources saving, and that increase the revenue. However, more countries, which face the lack of energy resources, commonly are dependent on foreign energy resources. This results in increasing of local economic pressure. Therefore, development of renewable energy has a positive effect on reducing the costs and increasing the revenue.

There are also significant benefits to reducing the costs of protection the environment. Renewable energy is sustainable energy resources which means that avoid the depletion of natural resources and reduce nitrogen oxide emission and carbon dioxide emission. There environmental benefits can reduce the cost of improvement and protection the ecosystem. Consequently, renewable energy not only protects the environment, but also positively affects the economy.

In conclusion, it can be argued that development of renewable resources has a significant effect on economy. Firstly,...
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