Energy Conservation

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  • Published : July 20, 2008
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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation
With energy a scarce resource people across the world need to look at lifestyle changes to protect it around the globe. From driving less, to turning off a light in a room that is deserted, there are simple steps that can be taken to aid the cause. Conservation methods take thought, commitment and changes in every day lives to make a difference.

In order to conserve energy, consumers need to be aware of their daily usage and find ways to cut that usage. Conservation of Energy includes using less gasoline, electricity, and non-renewable resources to produce that electricity, recycling and home improvements. Not all methods of energy conservation will impact negatively in the daily routines of people. With a little consideration and a dedication to reduce energy consumption, everyone can do their part.

Reducing the amount of non-renewable resources used each day would make a large impact in the energy conservation movement. Sources of non-renewable energy include coal and fossil fuels such as gasoline, oil and natural gas.

To reduce the use of fossil fuels, driving vehicles, which use these resources, less will help in a big way. Driving fewer miles will save money as well, and reduce pollution produced by gas-fired engines. To help get better gas mileage check tire pressure and air filters. Air is pulled through the engine, and if the filters are clogged, it takes more energy to pull the air through the engine. Tire pressure is an important factor as well; if the tires are inflated improperly it will take more energy for the engine to push the car along.

When traveling long distances, map out the route that will be taken. Mapping the route can save both time and mileage, thus saving gasoline and money. Using less gasoline benefits the environment as well. There will be less pollution, and less need for the fossil fuel required to drive a vehicle.

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