Energy Conservation

Topics: Renewable energy, Recycling, Efficient energy use Pages: 5 (1957 words) Published: March 16, 2008
In this report, we will be discussing how to conserve energy and how renewable energy helps the country with the energy it uses. We will also be discussing the two types of energy renewable and nonrenewable energy. We will be discussing the way we can conserve energy like changing the setting on thermostat, buying energy efficient appliances and more energy efficient cars are just some of the items we will be discussing. The first thing we are going to discussing is the two types of energy. We have renewable energy wind, solar, and biomass fermentation. They have windmills for the wind, solar panels for the sun, and crop bi product for the biomass fermentations. Some of the challenges with using and managing this alternative energy are the initial costs of get the equipment installed and the cost to maintain the renewable energy equipment. Hydrogen and bio fuel are another renewable energy resources that we could be developing these resource more than we are currently doing. These renewable energy resources will be a major part of our future and the cost of them will be less than the cost of the non-renewable energy. They believe that if the cost for the equipment of this renewable energy were a lot lower then we would accept the use of this energy over the non renewable energy. We need to put a major effort into the development of this renewable energy. Then we have the non-renewable energy like fossil fuels such as (oil, gas, and coal). This non-renewable energy are in limited supply and if we do not do something about another energy source then this country will be in a major energy crisis. Now we will be discussing what energy we use and how to conserve the energy. We need to find way to reduce the consumption of energy in our homes. The consumption of energy in our home breaks down like this: Air conditioner and heater = 50%

Water heater = 20%
Lighting and small appliances = 10%
Refrigerator = 8%
Other = 5%
Ovens and stoves = 4%
Clothes dryer = 3%
The way we could conserve energy in our home needs to start with our heating and air conditioner use. We need to change what we do like set the thermostat to 68 F in winter and down to 55 F when we go to bed. We can also install programmable thermostat that automatically adjust the temperature when away or when we are in bed. We also need to upgrade our heating and air conditioner to a more energy efficient units. Yes, there is a big initial cost in buying a new heating and air conditioner but in the long-term we will have a major saving of money and energy. Another thing that can help conserve energy is by clean or change air filters on our air heating system in the winter and on the air conditioning unit in the summer time. One thing that will help in saving energy from heating and cooling our homes would be to insulate the ceiling, walls and floor of our homes. We also need to stop air leaks around windows and doors by using weather stripping. Air leaks are about 40% of our heating and cooling costs. We need to be buying more energy efficient appliances. There are washers and dryers that have energy saving settings. We can use energy saving settings on washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. We could wash clothes in cold water with a full load clothes. Airs dry our cloths instead of using a clothes dryer. By using this energy saving item will not only save us energy but, it will also save us money. So, we would benefit in more than just one way. We should also recycle items such as newspapers, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. If we all would do is part this is what we all could save by recycling. Yes, it does take a little effort to recycle but we will all benefit in the long run. This information shows how much energy and pollution reduction we could have if we all recycled....
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