Energy and Dr. Bola Os

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Dr. Bolaños

CHEM 110 - Exam #3

Fall 2010
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There are 11 questions totaling 104 points (8 pages). PLEASE look over the entire examination BEFORE you begin to ensure your packet is complete. REMEMBER: The best place to start your exam may not be at the beginning! You have 2 hours to complete this examination and may only use a basic scientific calculator and the periodic table provided. All work must be shown for credit AND all answers must be expressed with the proper amount of significant figures. For problems involving dimensional analysis, all work must be shown in proper format to receive any credit. Please sign the honor code below. Please feel free to remove the scratch paper and periodic table from end of exam and write on both; we will staple when you submit your work. If you need further clarification, please speak with the instructor. *** I certify that the work presented in this examination is my own and that the rules set-forth for this examination were followed.

Signature ___________________________________________________ 1. Which statement is FALSE? a. An exothermic reaction gives heat off heat to the surroundings b. Endothermic has a positive ΔH. c. ΔHrxn is the heat of reaction d. Enthalpy is the sum of a system's internal energy and the product of pressure and volume. e. ΔErxn is a measure of heat. 2. Consider the processes below. Which are endothermic? List all that apply here: ___________________ a. A hot cup of coffee (system) cools on a countertop b. An atom absorbs a photon. c. Freezing of water d. Sublimation of dry ice e. Combustion of propane 3. If frequency of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is high, energy is ___________________ and wavelength is _____________________. 4. In Balmer electron transitions, which emissions are possible? VIS, IR, UV? Circle all that apply. 5. Which of the electron transitions below would result in the absorption...
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