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Topics: Love, Emotion, Liberation Pages: 12 (4511 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Chapter 2
Although passion is not dealt with directly in this chapter, if you consider that Joe was passionate about the balloon incident then the following points can be made: “I was wild by now, ready to fight, run, dance, you name it” (page 20) Joe is clearly caught up in the moment, and his adrenaline has kicked in. Adrenaline itself can be seen as a form of liberation as it frees the body of its restrictions, and as the ‘fight or flight response theory’ says, allows you to escape dangerous situations, freeing yourself. “the mania began to subside and I felt trapped and lonely in my decision” (page 21) This same excitement has now disappeared and he is imprisoned by his decision to go forward and investigate, as “to turn back would mean humiliation” for him. His desire to take control of the situation has led to him being in an ironically undesirable situation. This chapter also offers the first hints about Jed’s “long winter of obsession”, and although there are often references to the future they rarely tie in to the coursework title. “’What we could do, he said with a seriousness which warned against mockery, ‘is to pray together’” (page 25) Jed’s passion for religion has given him a means of liberation from the grim reality of the incident, as he believes that prayer will help them. However, this then backfires and his need to prayer imprisons him to be alone in prayer, as Joe will not join in. Chapter 4

Page 42 “My tormentor stirred...”
The love that Jed is creating in his imagination is making Joe constantly feel anxious and is imprisoning his thoughts and only allowing him to focus on Jed. Page 40 “…I returned his passion…”
Because he is talking about this passion it is liberating him by getting it off his chest. Page 44 “I was scared of what it would do to me”
He is talking about this situation with Jed and we can see that this obsession and passion from Jed is creating mixed emotions and creating this presence that Joe feels is constantly surrounding him.

Chapter 5

- "I had already travelled some distance that evening from the time I had come in and had wanted only to talk to Clarissa about Parry"

Imprisoning Joe as Jed is constantly on his mind and in his thoughts, even when spending time with Clarissa. - "I love you"
Carissa’s passion is liberated for Joe.

- "He felt it too?"

The whole situation with Jed traps Joe into this thought that he doesn't know the answer to.

Chapter 6
Pg 59 middle of pg .
“I almost said, or following me, but something held me back.” By Joe not telling Jed that he does not want him to stop following him, it leaves Jed with the option to continue following joe without calling. As seen later in the novel, Jed does not call Joe as much butt continues to follow Joe, by writing letters and looking at his research. This imprisons Joe because Jed’s passion and love for him leads to Jed stalking him and becoming a dangerous threat to Joe and later Clarissa. Pg 56 above middle.

“my cell, my guilt?”
Joe feels guilty about the death of John Logan and feels he should go and tell Jean Logan (wife) . Joe wants to keep the fact that he thinks he caused john logan’s death by letting go of the balloon imprisons him because when he eventually goes to visit Jean Logan with his premeditated speech prepared about how John was brave etc. Is not appreciated by mrs logan because she asks him to find out if her husband was cheating on her. This imprisons him because he cannot get in touch with anyone else but Parry, the man who is passionately in love with him. Pg 60.

“when this story was closed it would be important to know something about Parry” I think what is being said is that because Joe is so passionate about science, he treats meeting Parry as some kind of experiment, he HAS to find SOMETHING out about him, and I believe Joe’s passion for science and wanting to know more imprisons him because he agrees to meet Jed. This leads to Jed thinking(in ch 7) that Joe...
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