Enduring Love Chapter 3-6 Quotes and Annotations

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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|QUOTATION |Who said this to whom? |LANGUAGE ANALYSIS |THEMATIC links? |ANALYSIS of effect on reader | |“The explosion of |First person narrative |Metaphor: compares idea of violent |●Science concept used for disaster |McEwan uses this image of a violent explosion to compare the balloon incident with | |consequences” |voice of Joe retelling |explosion to narrative events- links to |●Moral consequences of actions |explosive disasters such as natural events or wars. In the story this event has | |Chapter Two |events |bomb effect |● Destructiveness – fate, bad luck |consequences for each character | |“Like a self in a dream I was |First person narrative of|Technical terms for narrative |●Science, exploration of dreams and how you |McEwan uses a simile to show the psychological science used in a dream, this simile | |both first and third persons.”|Joe |perspective, used to represent. |feel in them |also relates back to how he told the story of the balloon. | | | |Simile: comparing himself to being first |●Also psychological science | | | | |and third. | | | |Everything ....was being |Joe’s narrative about |Repetition of ‘every’, Perry is greedy |●Greed (Seven deadly sins) |Winter = wanting warmth and comfort, looking for it earlier makes it easier in winter.| |stored away ….fuel for the |Perry |and also thoughtful for winter. | |Almost as if Joe is the representation of what you need in winter, e.g: warmth, food, | |long winter of his obsession | |Rule of three. | |shelter.. | |“The rehearsal of grief, and |Narrative of when in the |Personification of grief and terror |● Emotions vs Rationality |‘The rehearsal of grief’ shows that grief has been coming their way a lot, like | |the exorcism of terror.” |car |represented by rehearsal and exorcism |●Gothic features |Clarissa not being able to have a child | |Chapter Three | | | |Exorcism, this could hint Perry as Joe is telling us, expulsion(forcing someone to do | | | | | |something) Perry making Joe believe they have something special | |“Along the narrative lines |Joe’s narrative looking |Metaphor: compares idea of the story |● Lines of rope holding balloon |The ‘narrative lines’ are a representation of the story narrative Joe not telling the | |there were knots, tangles of |back on the past |being tangled and knots. The novel not |LINKED to: |story continuously, he goes back and forth which is like...
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