Endogenetic Process

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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The Endogenetic processes are the processes that shape the land by forces coming from within the earth (Endogenetic forces). There are 3 main Endogenetic processes: folding, faulting and volcanism. They take place mainly along the plate boundaries, which are the zones that lay on the edges of plates. These zones are weak. Endogenetic processes cause many major landform features. MOVEMENTS:

The forces coming from within the earth cause two types of movements in the earth. (1)Horizontal movements
(2)Vertical movements
These movements motored by the Endogenetic forces introduce various types of vertical irregularities which give birth to numerous verities of relief features on earth’s surface, e.g., mountains, plateaus, plains, lakes, faults, folds, etc. The origin of Endogenetic forces is related to the thermal conditions of the interior earth. The Endogenetic forces and related horizontal and vertical movements are caused due to contraction and expansion of rocks because of varying thermal conditions and temperature changes inside the earth. The Endogenetic forces and movements are divided, on the basis of intensity, into two major categories: (1)Sudden

(2)Diastrophic forces

Sudden forces are the result of long period preparation deep within the earth. The cumulative effects on the earth’s surface are quick and sudden. Geologically, these sudden forces are termed as ‘constructive forces’ because these create certain relief features on the earth’s surface. Diastrophic forces include both verticals and horizontal movements which are caused due to forces deep within the earth. These diastrophic forces operate very slowly and their effects become discernible after thousands and millions of years. These force also termed as constructive forces, affect larger areas of the globe and produce meso-level reliefs, for example, mountains, plateau, plains, lakes, big faults, etc. These diastrophic forces are further subdivided into two...
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