Endless Troublesome Cloning

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Endless Troublesome Cloning
Have you ever wanted to be copied? Have you ever wondered if there is another you to help you do something? Recently, cloning, which is the production of genetically identical individuals by repeated cell divisions, has been advocated in the world. There are a few people who believe that cloning is the most wonderful technology that we have ever had since it is an ideal way to increase the endangered animal population and maintain the genetic diversity and species variation in the world. Unfortunately, there is ample evidence proving that cloning should be banned because of several consequences that include developing the technology, possible negative health outcome and questionable ethics.

One reason cloning should be prohibited is because of technical difficulties. Cloning was just developed not more than 20 years ago. In other words, the technology of cloning is not mature for lack of financial support. As a result, there are usually failed cases during cloning. David Masci points out that “scientists had failed in the past to replicate animals using adult cells because most of the trait-bearing genes in adult cells are genetically ‘turned off’ ” (412). For example, if experts had discovered more effective methods to do the experiment, many of potential animals created in the experiment would not have died. While launching cloning to the public, it would be expensive because the scientists have to attempt it more and more times in order to succeed. Then, the impoverished citizens who need this technique cannot use it. Moreover, the technique of cloning triggers unexpected risks for people. All types of human cloning are dangerous to females (Hansen 893). Scientists need to obtain enormous numbers of eggs from women for formation of cloned embryo using inferior technology. Then, the over extraction of eggs influences a females' health. Without highly regulated and safe techniques, how can we allow cloning to be legal?...
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