Ending the War on Drugs through Education

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Morphine Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Ending the War on Drugs through Education
After reading a news report on USA Today’s website titled “In war on drugs, Obama refocuses as public health fight” written by Martha Mendoza, as well as other articles regarding the same topic, it became apparent that our country’s war on drugs has been one of our biggest waste of money. Mendoza writes about Obamas record breaking proposal to spend $15.5 billion on the War on Drugs. Unlike previous presidents though, he wants to spend $5.6 billion on prevention, treatment, and education, which I believe is the root of the problem and is the only way we can stop the horrors that come with drug use. The public health issue at hand isn’t just drug use and the tax money we spend as a nation fighting against it, it’s that we need to completely change the way we look at these substances and realize that we need to educate and accept that people will do this, rather than outlaw and reject which just creates violence, gangs and unnecessary spending to prevent all of this. We have all heard about the war on drugs and that nobody should use drugs because they are “bad.” Unfortunately it’s human nature to explore ways in which we can open our mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking, which can be achieved by using drugs. Just how alcohol was smuggled and still consumed while it was illegal in the United States, currently illegal drugs will continue to do so until made legal. The violence and horror we see surrounding drug trafficking and sales was just as prevalent when alcohol was illegal, except everyone was smuggling “moonshine” rather than cocaine and ecstasy like we see now. Of course addiction rates and usage rates will increase when first made legal, but this will all die down very quickly as it did with alcohol, and we will not have to worry about gangs making money off drug trafficking and having to seek out potentially dangerous drug dealers to get these drugs. If you took half of the money spent on the War on Drugs...
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