Ending the Employee Relationship

Topics: Employment, Termination of employment, Lawsuit Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Ending the Employee Relationship Critique

There are many situations in which managers do not want to deal with. If you were to give managers a survey on which situation they dread most, many would probably say the termination of an employee. It’s been long disputed proper ways to approach this situation, but no matter what research indicates and suggests, the situation is usually uncomfortable for both parties. In The Winding Road from Employee to Complainant: Situational and Psychological Determinants of Wrongful-Termination Claims, the authors were trying to determine factors that contributed to employees filling wrongful-termination lawsuits. They reviewed the literature relevant to wrongful-termination lawsuits and constructed twelve hypotheses of why they believed these types of lawsuits occur. However, their main argument suggests that the attitudes of the former employee are based upon how fair they believed their former employer was during their employment and throughout the termination process.

Similarly, Katherine Karl and Barry Hancock, the authors of Expert Advice on Employment Termination Practices: How Expert is it?, found that employee vengeances is also based on the fairness of their supervisors and the manner in which the terminations were handled. They argue that vengeful attitudes and behaviors are a result of the wounded pride and humiliation that occurs when such actions are conducted in an abusive and insensitive manner. Both these articles suggest the employees that feel they were treated unfair and were humiliated, file lawsuits against their former employer.

Evidence Lind et al., 2000 used to support their argument included: former employees who feel badly treated finds that he or she can use litigation as a mechanism for instituting a new, negative relationship with their former employer, the greater the hardship associated with the loss of a job, the greater the impact of fairness judgments will be on the employer, and the...
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