Ending the Dangerous Game

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Coming out, Face Pages: 2 (964 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The next day, Rainsford woke up to the smell of honeysuckle essence, he felt like a new man in “his bed”. He remembered what happened last night to General Zaroff, how he tried to compromise with him “oh but general a deal is a deal” Rainsford had told General Zaroff, “your right my good sir but you see I am a man who says what might be important and useful…. and this deal I made with you does not settle with me….now I would like to give you a much better deal my good ma-“. Shattering glass is all he heard before he pushed Zaroff through the window and then heard a THUNCK “ohhhhhhh…….get away from me you putrid foul beasts…..nooooooo, ahhhhh get away…..nooooooo ahhhhhhhh-“. Is all he heard before he heard ripping, tearing, crunching of bones and flesh……he leaned to see what was left, but he stopped himself?

Rainsford couldn’t believe he had done what he had done last night; he beat Whitney couldn’t even do what he did. He was so happy and proud of himself; but he knew what he would of said to him “how can you say that rainsford you committed murder….you are no better than him” he felt ashamed but he said to himself “no I’m not it was either him or me…..so yea Whitney”. He heard a sound he stiffened and tensed up but then suddenly became embarrassed the sound was his stomach….he thought to himself he hadn’t eaten anything for three days. He went to the kitchen and helped himself to crumpets, coffee, and Russian waffles with strawberries. When he was finished, he went to the weapons room and grabbed a rifle and went outside to where the dogs were kept…..he knelt on the ground and put the point of the rifle through the gate hole and fired, he heard a yelp and paused….he did it again and again until he didn’t hear another scratching noise or a growl.

He opened the gate but he soon regretted it right there he saw General Zaroff’s head decapitated and bloody; the smell was horrendous and putrid, the smell was far worse the sight….it smelt of rotten flesh, an...
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