Ending Childhood Hunger in the United States

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  • Published : July 3, 2013
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Ending Childhood hunger in the United States
By: Tia Taylor

Today in the United States Child Poverty has reached its record level with over 16 million children affected. “Hunger is an issue that we can't afford to ignore” (Garton, 2011) Every day, 1 out of 12 Americans are jobless and homeless, while many children are growing up with little hope of long-term employment. Food banks and homeless shelters are facing unprecedented demands as middle income families sometimes lose their homes with just a few days’ notice. Why do children and families go hungry? What is being done about it to prevent this issue? Millions of working families exist on low wage jobs. Being that majority of the population is working and receiving low income; they find it hard to able to keep a roof over their heads, paying medical bills while struggling to buy food for their children. At school some children are left hungry because their parents simply can’t afford to pay for their children breakfast and maybe even lunch. When families try to do right by getting assistants families find themselves getting turndown and rejected. These families feel that they are forced to go and find low income jobs which makes it harder for them to survive and support their love ones and provide food and shelter. “We as human and as a person have the knowledge and infrastructure to see that no family and no child ever go hungry of food deprivation in the United States. With Food insecurity people lack sustainable economic access to enough safe, nutritious, and socially acceptable food for a healthy and productive life. Humans are suffering due to Lack of sustainable nutritious and socially acceptable food for a healthy and productive life.”

Children are dyeing do to food insecurity, chronic hunger and malnutrition suffering adverse consequences of food malnutrition. Malnutrition can lead to decreased energy levels,...
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