Ender's Game Chapter 3 Question #4

Topics: Persuasion, Logic, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Graff persuades Ender to come with him to Battle School by telling the truth. When Ender learns that he has been accepted into battle school, Graff informs Ender that “Battle School is for training future starship captains and commodores of flotillas and admirals of the fleet….I can say that none of our boys who makes it through the first year has ever failed to receive a commission as an officer” (20-21). Graff makes the general idea of Battle School very appealing and worth pursuing. Based on the information, Ender may infer that if he chooses to go, he has his life on track. When Graff privately talks to Ender about attending battle school, he says, “If you come with me, you won’t be back here for a long time. There aren’t any vacations from Battle School/ No visitors, either. A full course of training lasts until you’re sixteen years old – you get your first leave, under certain circumstances, when you’re twelve. Believe me, Ender, people change in six years, in ten years. Your sister Valentine will be a woman and when you see her again, if you come with me. You’ll be strangers. You’ll still love her, Ender, but you won’t know her. You see I’m not pretending it’s easy” (21). Graff points out the most important pros and cons that affect Ender and inform him of the gains and losses. Graff’s speech implies that he sympathizes with Ender and is trying to help Ender in all possible ways by listing all his options. All the pros and cons Graff explained are logical and make sense relating to the situation. Graff did not exaggerate the truth so much that the experience of battle school seemed surreal. For all these reasons Graff revealed to persuade Ender to come to battle school, Graff is telling the truth in his persuasion towards Ender.
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