Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Mind, Chinese philosophy Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 14, 2013

What is an endeavor? That is the question that filled my mind before writing this essay. Of course, like any responsible student, I resorted to the dictionary. There were many definitions to the word, but the basic idea of an endeavor is to carry out an act with the purpose of fulfilling a goal. I was hoping this would make it easier for me to write this essay; and it did, sort of. When thinking of significant endeavors, acts such as forming a club, starting a magazine, and organizing a benefit rally popped into my head. All of these activities have their own individual goals. The problem is, I have never done any of these things during my college career.

Throughout my college years, three activities have surrounded my life: school, church, and service-learning. When in school, I would always try my best to understand what I was supposed to learn, even if it was hard at times. My focus was school, which was also the focus of every other student in the Honors College. When someone needed help in their studies, I would offer it, especially if it had to do with English (my forte). In church, I always did my best to fulfill my callings, whether it'd be helping out the youth during camps, teaching classes, or setting up appointments between the bishop and members of the congregation. Regarding service-learning, I was always willing to help out. When possible, I would attend the different events that were meant to help out the community, whether it was a big event like Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service or simply by helping a neighbor move from one house to another. This is what has composed my college career.

As I sat today, thinking about not having started something big like creating a newspaper or start events that would promote humanitarian causes such as those needed in Darfur or the Congo, I realized that the obvious endeavors were out. I was running out of ideas. My mind was going blank. Instead of sitting for hours trying to think of what...
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