End-to-End Argument

Topics: Transmission Control Protocol, Internet Protocol, End-to-end principle Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Read and submit a review the “End-to-End Argument in System Design” paper [1]. In our your submission you need to briefly summarize the main idea(s) and contribution(s) of the paper. In particular, your review needs to address the following: 1. Discuss the three most important things the paper advocates, 2. Discuss the most glaring problem(s) with the paper, and

3. The paper was written with the design of the original Internet in mind. Discuss what impact, if any, may the argument presented in this paper have on the design of next generation, multi-media, high-speed networks.

[1] David D. Clark Jerome H. Saltzer, David P. Reed. End-to-end arguments in system design. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, pages 1–10, 1984.

Review :
“End-to-End Argument in System Design” provides the guidelines to the designer of the distributed computer system which help them to place different types of function in the design system. In communication system, the designer may be tempted to "help" the users by taking on more function than necessary. This argument will help to reduce such temptations.

Designer at that time are interested in the layer architecture. But this document enlighten the many points which shows that without defined criteria for the assign function with layer will improve the layering modularity.

In short end-to-end argument provides the guideline that helps in application and protocol design analysis.

Writer of this end-to-end argument provides various examples are the problem faced by the system designer over a years. Design principles which can provide the guidelines in the choice of function placement is the best tool for system designer. Writers of this paper collected the various problems faced over the years in the designing of the data communication system and tried to give guideline which could be helpful for the system designer while designing the system. Here they discussed various problem like bit error...
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