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Until the very last minute we have fought to keep this project going. We have overcome many obstacles but have managed to make the project successful eventually. We have enjoyed working on this multicultural project by being ourselves multicultural. We take this opportunity to thank all the dedicated team members for their hard work, our sponsors for their generosity and our coaches for guiding us through the project and for providing us with very useful information and feedback. This is the end report of our project.

Table of content
2.Table of content2
3.List of tables3
4.Comparison project and step by step outline4
4.1.Action plan4
4.2.Evaluation action plan8
4.3.Evaluation of the project8
4.3.1.What went wrong?8
4.3.2.What were the critical success factors?10
4.3.3.What are the results?10
5.Result analysis11
5.1.Budget comparison11
5.2.Evaluation budget14
5.3.Did we reach our target group?14
6.Report on teamwork15
6.1.What were the critical success factors, what went wrong and how did we try to solve conflicts?15
7.Reports of meetings16
8.1.Bills, invoices and bank statements
8.2.Overview sponsor file
8.6.Closure bank account

List of tables
Table 1: Road map original project7
Table 2: Road map changed project8
Table 3: Estimated fixed costs11
Table 4: Estimated revenues11
Table 5: Costs Albanian food12
Table 6: Estimated costs for Macedonia12
Table 7: Actual fixed costs13
Table 8 : Actual revenues13

Comparison project and step by step outline

Action plan

| When | Who| What| Where| Remarks|
1| November 20th| Lin| Contact charity organization| Brussels| | 2| November 22nd| Henrik| essay about social issue of charity organization| Home| | 3| November 22nd| Klinton| Outlining action plan| HUB| | 4| November 22nd| Lin, Siska| Description event| HUB| | 5| November 22nd | Majid| description of charity organization| Home| | 6| November 30th| Siska | Make an e-mail | Home| |

7| December 1st | Siska| Contact data print| Brussels| Find out prices and ask them to sponsor us| 8| December 4th| Lin| Meeting with Chairman of HOPE| Brussels| Related to appointment letter| 9| December 5th | Everybody | Find sponsors| Everywhere| Everyone has to find at least one, so we can send the sponsor letters| 10| December 5th | Lin| Making the sponsor letter| Home| | 11| December 5th | Siska| Translation sponsor letter| Home| For the translation to Dutch| 12| December 6th| Siska| Contact Sint-Jozef to sponsor with world map| Home| Try to fix appointment| 13| December 5th| Siska| Make a template| Home| |

14| December 5th| Siska| Adapt meeting reports to academic style| Home| To be putted on Hubwise| 15| December 8th| Siska| Put meeting reports on Hubwise| Home| To be put on Hubwise| 16| December 8th| Bojan, Henrik| Make bank-account| Fortis| In Fortis by HUB| 17| December 8th| Siska| Contact data print| Home| |

18| December 9th| Lin| Make sponsor contract for 50 euro| Home| To approach local sponsors with| 19| December 9th| Everybody| Decide the foods and drinks we will offer| Home| To be send to Siska| 20| December 9th| Everybody| List the ingredients of the foods and drinks| Home| To be send to Siska| 21| December 9th| Everybody| Estimate costs of your foods and drinks| Home| To be send to Siska| 22| December 9th| Everybody| Decide 2 songs of your country| Home| To be send to Klinton| 23| December 11th | Henrik, Majid| Go look for sponsors| Brussels| | 24| December 11th| Henrik| Adapt social issue essay| Home| To be send to Lin| 25| December 11th| Siska| Appointment with Mss. Van Hemelrijck related to World Map...
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