End of Watch

Topics: Crime, Police, Man Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 15, 2013
End of Watch
The typical cop movie: riding around fighting evil in the cities and overall just portraying a superhero character, because you are a cop. Doesn’t that get boring? Well, in the movie End of Watch directed by David Ayer (producer of Training Day) he comes with a different approach. This isn’t the average cop movie though, it introduces the bond between two men who have been in law enforcement with each other quite a while now. Ayer not only shows the basic fighting crime scenes, but goes in depth of the two men lives, personal and work-related. Officer Taylor and Zavala are two cops for the L.A.P.D. These two men are very unique, but so different from one another. Officer Taylor, a single male portrays to be someone who is ready for commitment, he takes his job very serious, and also is quite humorous at times with his partner Zavala. On the other hand, Zavala, a married man with his first child on the way is seen as a care-free type of guy, he doesn’t really take anything serious, but his pride is very high. When it comes to his job he is prepared to take risks. As I see the differences of these men I wouldn’t think they would get along as well as they did. In the End of Watch, these two cops patrol the streets of South Central together. It’s a dangerous part of the city where gangs, drug violence, and criminals are present. The footage is shot by a camera attached to Officer Zavala and a hand-held one carried by Officer Taylor. The scenes shot in the patrol vehicle lets you know the men are very close. They joke around from talking about each other sex lives, to having little disagreements about irrelevant topics, and even having deep serious conversations. They illustrate the brother-like relationship that isn’t seen by partners in cop movies. The two men are much known in the unit and are quite popular I would say. Ayer still presents the crime fighting in the city and they are quite good at what they do. Zavala at one point in the movie is...
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