End of Watch

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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I.              INTRODUCTION
A.    Attention-getter: 
1. What if you were the city’s top cops?
2. Until one discovery.
3. Made you the Cartel’s most wanted.
B.    Present the Topic: 
       This is the theme addressed in the movie “End of Watch”.                       
C.    Thesis Statement:
       I like this movie because through all its action and comedy to entertain the audience I believe there was a clear-cut positive message.  
D.     Preview: Next I will give you a
       1.  Description of “End of Watch”
2.  And, my personal evaluation of the movie.
II.             BODY
A.     Description of the Event
1.“End of Watch” is an action/comedy movie.

2. It features two main characters named Brian Taylor who is the actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Zavala who is the actor Michael Pena. Other prominent characters are Natalie Martinez who plays Gabby and Anna Kendrick who plays Janet. 3.   The movie is about two Los Angeles city cops who have a hit out on them from one Mexico’s notorious cartels after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from one of its members. 4.      Brian and Mike must make the decision between playing it safe and doing their job. 5. Their attempt to live out happy lives becomes hard when the presence of the cartel is ever growing. (i) Answering to a distress call from a fellow division Brian and Mike arrive onto the scene to find one cop with a knife forged into his eye and find a cartel member brutally beating a female cop. (ii) Their presence is more apparent when the cops bust one of the cartels human trafficking operations. 6. This becomes the last straw for the cartel and action is taken upon the cops. 7.During a foot chase into an apartment complex the cops are set up and ambushed when the cartel opens fire on them. (i) Almost escaping with their lives through the alleyway, Brian gets shot and passes out....
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