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  • Published : September 16, 2013
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Develop a report stating the business value that can be derived from a customer relationship management application, as well as the problems it might have or cause. Find two Internet sources that provide a demo of CRM, or a good product description. An ASP/SAAS (application service provider, or software as a service) and a purchased/installed package would provide a good comparison. Provide a summary and indicate which solution you would recommend and why.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is undoubtedly one of the business "buzz phrases" of the 21st century. The fundamentally simple idea of businesses keeping customers and getting them to buy more has generated a wealth of technology whose purpose is to help businesses achieve these goals. At GoSmallBiz.com, we believe that any technology that helps you grow your business is a good thing and a little later, we’ll discuss what you should look for when choosing a CRM solution for your small business. However, before we discuss CRM technology and what it can do for your business, it’s important that we fully define what CRM actually is so you can better assess the role that CRM technology can play in your business. Let’s start by saying that discussions on CRM shouldn’t solely revolve around a discussion of CRM technology. CRM is not just about technology. Technology certainly plays a role in a successful CRM program but that’s not what CRM is. CRM has been defined in a number of ways, but in simplest terms, CRM is actually a term that describes the processes that a business implements to manage interactions between its various departments, its customers, and prospects. Simply put, business owners determine and define the nature of these processes - CRM technology supports the processes and makes it easier to implement them and create a successful outcome. The exact nature of that successful outcome will vary from company to company, but for most businesses a successful CRM program will help you...
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