Encyclical Letter Ecclesia De Eucharistia of His Holiness Pope John Paul II

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  • Published: October 26, 2009
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This Encyclical was signed by the Holy Father at the Mass of the Lord's Supper, 17 April 2003, this encyclical replaced his customary Holy Thursday letter to priests, and was addressed to the whole of the Catholic Church. His exposition of the centrality of the Eucharist in the life of the Church is intended to remedy the liturgical abuses and heterodox teachings that are found in some places. "It is my hope that the present Encyclical Letter will effectively help to banish the dark clouds of unacceptable doctrine and practice, so that the Eucharist will continue to shine forth in all its radiant mystery." (John Paul II)Pope John Paul II is comparing our relationship with Christ as a friendship, stating that we receive him during communion, and that he receives each of us, making it a mutual relationship. As the article states "Eucharistic communion brings about in a sublime way the mutual abiding of Christ and each of his followers: Abide in me, and I in you (Jn 15:4)." The Pope is using this a motivation tool for people in the church stating that is is a sacrament for humanity. The Church is able to drive it's spiritual power to carry out it's mission because of the Christ in the Eucharist.

"Eucharistic communion also confirms the Church in her unity as the body of Christ." He states how once people of the Church receive the bread, we are consuming the body of Christ, and not becoming many, but becoming one body. Christ want's us to consume his body so we can achieve eternal salvation, and we are all mutually joined to one another. "The joint and inseparable activity of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, which is at the origin of the Church, of her consolidation and her continued life, is at work in the Eucharist. " This is a good foritifcation of the Church's followers and believers stating that we are all joined into one.

"The seeds of disunity, which daily experience shows to be so deeply rooted in humanity as a result of sin, are countered by the...
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