Encounter Part Ii-- John Mcphee

Topics: Environmentalism, Natural environment, Conservation movement Pages: 4 (1248 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Encounter Part II--John Mcphee

An Island introduces Charles Fraser and David Brower, the two on a tour of Cumberland Island, Georgia. Charles Fraser, a real estate developer in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with David Brower, a conservationist, the leader of a conservation organization called Friends of the Earth, the most effective single person on the cutting edge of conservation in this country. Charles Fraser has obtained 3000 acres of undeveloped Cumberland Island and he has bent over backwards in previous developments to preserve as much of the original landscape as he could, but he considers all environmentalists to be "druids" who will sacrifice people to save trees. Fraser considers himself a true conservationist, and he will say that he thinks of most so-called conservationists as “preservationists” but that he prefers to call them “druid.” “Ancient druids used to sacrifice human beings under oak trees,” “Modern druids worship trees and sacrifice human beings to those tree. They want to save things they like, all for themselves.” Fraser's characterization of environmentalists as modern druids who "worship trees and sacrifice human beings to those trees" provides the charge against Brower that forms the title of the book. Brower came to Georgia in order to stop Fraser's plan to develop Cumberland Island. Actually, Brower agreed that it would be a better candidate if Fraser developed Cumberland Island with federal protection. I think that both of them have common sense. Even though Fraser is a businessman, but he cares about the environment. I agree with Brower and I believe everyone has their own responsibility to get involved with environmental issues. Developing and environmental issue are always conflicted in current. Maybe we will find out the best solution to solve this puzzle. According to environmental ethic, we have to protect our environment first. I agree with that it is priority to protect our Earth Planet. I think it might be...
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