Encomium on Mother Teresa

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Encomium on Mother Teresa

It is only right for us to honor people who dedicate so much to our society (Honor) and to give them credit for their hard work and dedication (Justice). So I will praise Mother Teresa because she gave hope and healing to outcasts afflicted with leprosy. We could praise many who have done similarly, but Mother Teresa should be praised above all because she exceeded all others in compassion. She continually stuck to her passionate work, helping and aiding many thousands of people.

(1) Mother Teresa was born in Macedonia, a hard, poor place to live, but she eventually moved to Ireland. (2) Her dad passed away when she was eight leaving her with just her mother and her sister. This molded her as a person to be a hard worker and accept life for what it was even though it might stink for her. (3) Her mother was a believing catholic and taught her all about Christianity. Little is known about her father because of his death when she was 8 but the parents were known as religious people. This formed her as a person to bring compassion and love to the world with her attitude.

As a young child, she was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and was greatly influence by missionaries. She decided that she wanted to dedicate her life to religion and for the good of others, not herself. While in Calcutta, she was a teacher to children but was struck by the poverty caused by a famine. She was this as a perfect opportunity to pursue her goal by aiding the poorest of the poor. This surprised the world, as her ministry grew because she died to herself and only lived to aid the poor. She won the Nobel Prize and many other awards, setting a great example to the world.

When she reached adulthood, she sought only to make the world a better place and entirely to the heart of Jesus. Though she was so determined, she was a little woman who spent much of her life sick herself. That did not stop her at all, and she...
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