Enchanted Kingdom: the Place to Be

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Enchanted Kingdom: The Place to Be

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, about 29 kilometers from manila. It is has a land area of 17 Hectares (14 Acres). The park is managed and operated by Enchanted Kingdom Inc. Formerly name Amtrust Leisure Corporation. Enchanted Kingdom is a member of International Association of Amusement Park and Attractions. It was opened on July 28 1995 surprisingly with huge of customer.

Enchanted Kingdom complete variety of amazing park zone, First is the Victoria park which you can see the grand carousel, victoria scrap book souvenir, parkside sweet & Culinary delight and grand era gifts. Second is the Portabello park, the largest attraction in Enchanted Kingdom you can found here the excitement of 4D Film Theater, Fying Fiesta-Wave Swinger, Rio Grande Rapids, the river rafting ride, shake rattle and roll which is the hunted attraction and last is the extreme Paintball. Here also at Portabello Park you can buy food, drinks and souvenir. Third is the Boulderville is a zone in Enchanted Kingdom that treats for the kids, and these zone has prehistoric theme with dinosaurs as main characters and the most exciting attraction here is the boulderville express – Train Ride, Bumbling Boulders – The Teacups, and the stone eggs the kiddie Ferris wheel. Forth is the Midway Boardwalk is colorful and carefree zone inspired by coney island known as “american playground” that can enjoy the performance of mime artist, jugglers and clowns. The main attraction here is the Anchors away called Pirate Ship Ride, the Dodgem called Bumper Cars, The roller skater called mini roller coaster, Steeplechase arcade – Arcade Game, Up Up and Away called Balloon Ride, Wheel of Faith called the Ferris wheel and the last Extreme Tower Ride called the Drop Tower. Fifth is the Brooklyn place is the a theater and shopping zone designed year 1940, Here you can enjoy the following attraction the Broadway...
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