Enbridge Inc. Business Report

Topics: Natural gas, Petroleum, Asset Pages: 14 (4652 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Goods/Services Provided- Needs or Wants?
Enbridge Inc. is an energy company that TRANSPORTS, GENERATES, and DISTRUBUTES goods like oil; its biggest and main product is natural gas. Enbridge Inc. takes the raw material which is the natural gas from the earth generates it, and then they transport the gas to other countries and provinces, or distribute the gas to buildings and homes. The homes need the gas for things like the oven and other energy consuming appliances which we use on a daily basis. Since Natural gas is soon coming to an end because it is being overused and it can’t be renewed, Enbridge has taken a big step forward by making go green programs in which they use environmentally friendly energy instead of natural gas. Enbridge has slowly but surely made the switch to eco-friendly energy. Enbridge has been coming out with new ideas for green- renewable technologies that can deliver energy faster and quicker. These new Technologies include Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal, and Hybrid Fuel cells. Now are Enbridge products a need or a want? This answer raises an ethical question. Are we going to die without oil or gas? Of course not, long before our time people lived sustainably without such products and even today third world countries are proving that it is not a necessity and more of a want. However, people in countries like Canada and US have changed and adapted their lifestyles over time to make such products such an important thing that they are highly relying on classifying them as a need. In the winter we need to power the heater, in the summer we need to power the AC. We have stoves, ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. to power and use in our daily lives. In society today oil, gas, and electricity can be seen used everywhere and every day. So in conclusion Enbridge products are technically a want, but due to the adaptation and changes in the lifestyles of people in developed countries it could be also a need.

Invention or Innovation?
Enbridge Inc. is over 100 years old but even though the company has been here for so long, the company’s products for example natural gas, hydroelectricity, wind energy, solar energy, water heating, house heating are all innovations. They are products derieved from other systems/technologies that have been made. Enbridge is a huge provider for all of these things but it did not invent these things. Enbridge which was first known a Consumers’ Gas Company, because it was actually made to take the place of an energy company that was not satisfying the people of Toronto. So since that company was already providing Toronto with these things, then it is not possible for Enbridge to have invented these products. Electricity was discovered in 1787 by Benjamin Franklin and water heating was invented by Edwin Ruud in the 1870s. The ancient Chinese discovered natural gas hundreds of years ago. So Enbridge did not invent these things but it did innovate them make them cleaner and stronger. Enbridge uses a lot of technology to distribute its products to its customers and that is how Enbridge is an Innovator. The products that Enbridge sells are very good quality and Enbridge makes sure that they are top quality and so although they didn’t invent the products, Enbridge definitely makes them better quality wise; for example you can’t just burn coal and make extract natural gas and sell it, you have to purify it and test to make sure it’s safe to use.

Human Resources:
For the sixth consecutive year, Enbridge has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. The annual competition recognizes companies who offer their employees the best places to work and lead their industries with best practices in attracting. Two Jobs currently for hire at Enbridge are Senior Instrumentation Engineer, and a Senior Pipeline Engineer. 1) Senior Instrumentation Engineer:

-Provide engineering support services in the discipline of instrumentation for liquids pipelines...
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