Enacting the Action Research Cycles

Topics: Education, Teacher, Implementation Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Exercise 1.1 Enacting the action research cycles

1. In my position as an elementary school teacher, we are seeking to identify students who consistently display behavioral or academic deficiencies in an effort to provide intervention strategies to help them to be successful learners. 2. Identifying students who need intervention and remediation in the classroom is critical to the community, the school, the classroom and the individual. Students who become disengaged in the learning process due to difficulties often get labeled as “at risk”. At-risk students, who are not placed in proper safety nets early, often become subject to absenteeism, academic failure, retention, and many times, dropout; which is a national problem (Easton, 2007). 3. In every school across the nation, there are students who are at-risk. As early as kindergarten, differences in students’ learning styles and academic abilities are apparent. Factors that influence these differences are previous formal schooling experiences, parental involvement, and exposure to basic language, math, and reading skills. Therefore, the question was not “Do we have students that are at-risk?” But rather, “Which students are at-risk and what interventions do we need to implement to provide additional support to the student and the regular education classroom teacher?” To answer this question, my principal, assistant principal, resource teachers, and classroom teachers collaborated and created an RTI (Response To Intervention) committee. The committee’s purpose was to create a plan that every teacher could use to: identify at-risk students, implement suggested strategies, collect data on student progress, involve parents, and monitor student progress continuously to reevaluate the effectiveness of each students’ interventions. 4. The RTI committee decided that having an RTI coordinator whose sole responsibility was to facilitate all RTI related meetings for teachers and parents was imperative....
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