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GE2402: English for Business Communication
Week 7 Supplementary Exercises

For each question, circle the letter (a, b, c, or d) which corresponds to the most suitable answer.

1.To overcome any possible reader resistance, you should
a.make your request immediately.
b.bribe your reader.
c.lay a logical foundation before the request is delivered. d.state very clearly the negative consequences of not doing as you request.

2.You are inviting an important political figure to speak at your college. Since you can’t offer her an honorarium, you decide to stress the fact that she will be speaking and offering guidance to the political figures of tomorrow. You are focusing on a.a direct benefit.

b.an indirect benefit.
c.something with a monetary value.

3.Select the most effective opening for a letter that invites a company CEO to speak at your professional organization’s annual awards banquet. a.Would it be possible for you to be the keynote speaker at our annual awards banquet on March 15? b.Please consider this letter an invitation to address our professional organization on March 15. c.Your management and direction have made High Tech Solutions a leader in the software industry. d.We hope that you are able to be the keynote speaker at our annual awards banquet on March 15.

4.You have anticipated possible objections and are now presenting counterarguments to them in your persuasive request letter. By doing this you are attempting to a.gain the reader’s attention and interest.

b.build the reader’s interest.
c.reduce resistance.
d.motivate action.

5.Which of the following situations would most likely require persuasion within an organization? a.Asking employees to attend a meeting about new benefits options. b.Telling employees about a new procedure that will go into effect next month. c.Asking employees to change their working hours to meet new customer demands. d.Informing employees about the company’s new Internet service provider.

6.You have decided to ask your supervisor to authorize the purchase of a new scanner for your office. The most important thing for you to include in your persuasive request is a.a clear explanation of how you will benefit from the purchase. b.an appeal to your supervisor’s emotions.

c.clear documentation, including facts, figures, and evidence. d.the cost of the scanner.

7.Effective persuasive claim letters
a.sound just angry or emotional enough to get your point across. b.present a logical case with clear facts.
c.help the reader by showing who is to blame for the problem. d.all of the above.

8.Which of the following represents an emotional appeal?
a.For a limited time you can get a $1,000 rebate when you purchase a Volkswagen Jetta. b.You’ll look great behind the wheel of brand new Volkswagen Jetta. c.The Volkswagen Jetta has been rated first in its class for safety. d.The Volkswagen Jetta gets over 26 miles to the gallon.

9.Which of the following most effectively illustrates reader benefits? a.Our European walking tours are the best planned in the industry. b.You are cordially invited to join one of our European walking tours this summer. c.Going on a walking tour of Europe will allow you to visit small villages, meet and converse with the locals, and dine on authentic cuisine. d.Take advantage of our special offer that will save you 15 percent on our European walking tours.

10.Which of the following is the most effective closing for a sales letter? a.Taking action today may be the smartest decision you’ll ever make. b.More than half of all new subscribers sign up for a full year at only $128. c.Complete the enclosed card and mail it to us...
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