Emt Strategic Plan

Topics: Strategic management, Emergency medical technician, Strategy map Pages: 13 (4183 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Final Strategic Plan

Throughout the last five weeks a strategic plan has been formulated. The strategic plan has many elements associated with the strategic plan. To start Emergency Medical Traveler needed to come up with a mission statement designed to show potential purchasers what the organization is all about. Along with the mission statement a company’s vision statement shows where the Emergency Medical Traveler is going to be in the future. After these statements have been created, a SWOTT analysis needed to be completed to discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends. By realizing the previous an organization is able to focus on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses in order to create strong and reliable consumer relations. Next came the balanced scorecard was added to further point the direction. Finally some methods have been developed to monitor and control the strategic plan; along with recommending actions to address ethical, legal and regulatory issues faced by Emergency Medical Traveler. Strategic Plan Part I: Conceptualizing a Business

There are several processes involved in starting up a new business. The first thing a person or team must do in order to start their business is decide on a product or service. This paper will define the business the author has chosen by developing a mission statement. This paper will also show the vision of the organization, what it wants to become in the future. The guiding principles of this business will be defined considering culture, social responsibility, and ethics. The vision, mission, and values will be evaluated to guide the business’s strategic direction. Finally this paper will evaluate how the organization addresses customer needs and critique how the competitive advantage is achieved. Mission Statement

The business the writer has chosen is a sales firm for a company called Emergency Medical Traveler, (EMT). The EMT is a unique device designed to hold the owner’s medical information and plug into any computer. There is some competition within this market, however, the competition’s product does not grant HIPPA consent and is useless if the wearer is not coherent. The EMT was invented to give every American a better chance of surviving the eighth leading cause of death in the United States, (Emergency medical traveler, 2008-2010). The mission statement for the sales firm is: “It is the mission of Emergency Medical Traveler to provide every individual a tool to avoid medical error at the right price. Our friendly knowledgeable staff provides training and expertise to use the device.” Vision

Emergency Medical Traveler’s vision statement is pretty simple and to the point. “Five years from now Emergency Medical Travelers will have revenues over 1 million dollars by constantly providing individuals timely delivery and a quality product.” With this statement in mind EMT will continue to grow and become well-known within all American communities. Guiding Principles

EMT is developing relationships with assisted living facilities along with nursing homes to provide the elderly individuals with easy-access medical information. Thinking about what may happen to an individual if there is a reaction between medications because the prescribing doctor was not aware of all of the medications the individual is on. It is the goal of EMT to place the product into all American citizens’ hands. Helping to find cures to disease, raise funds for high school bands, and place an emphasis on the dangers of cross medications. The eight leading cause of death in the United States results from cross medications. Reducing medical errors and saving lives is the purpose for the EMT. These questions will help the reader better understand the driving forces for this business: When EMS is called to an accident, what do they know about an accident victim? *Is the Patient conscious to give the...
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