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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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Vital Education
We go to the hospital because we want to get better, but sometimes healthcare is needed before we get to there. When a 65 year old man has a heart attack at his house, when two cars are involved in a serious traffic collision on the freeway, and when a child is drowning after swimming in the pool, all of these individual may be dead before they ever arrive to the hospital. All of these situations stated above would require the emergency health care system which can also be labeled as prehospital care. Its employees range from paramedics, fire fighters, to lifeguards, and everything else in-between. Its singular goal is to protect and to provide citizens with the best prehospital healthcare. These citizens are known as patients who can be put in two categories: trauma and medical. Trauma patients are those who have any physical damage to the body, some examples are traffic collisions or a gunshot wound. Medical patients can be stated as any patient who is sick from an illness such as diabetes or a heart attack. There are many treatments a patient needs before they even step foot in a hospital such CPR, breathing assistance, epinephrine shots, spinal stabilization, and many more. Before any person can learn these techniques, they must first master three fundamentals of the emergency medical system. Education is important in the emergency medical system because workers must know the basics of vital signs, patient assessment, and treatment.

Vitals signs are required to know in the medical field because they are insight to what is happening to the body, gives you a guideline to assess, and they all relate to each other in a specific ways. There are five central vital signs taught: the pulse, blood pressure, the skin, pupil reaction, and respirations. The blood pressure in simple terms is the force on the arterial walls when the left ventricle pumps, which is ready by two numbers. The first number, systolic blood pressure is defined by the...
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