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  • Published : November 1, 2011
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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)/Paramedics
Joseph Angell

Dr. Wannamaker
GUST 1270


Paramedics are emergency medical technicians more commonly known as EMT’s. EMT’s provide emergency treatment for the ill or injured on a scene and during en route to a medical facility. EMT’s are called upon at all hours of the day or night; typically the first medical specialist that a patient will call upon in an emergency. Paramedics are trained to provide lifesaving pre-hospital care in emergency situations. The range of medical services varies according to the level of training and/or certification.

Question #1: What education/training is required for your entry into the career you have chosen? Answer: Paramedics are required to become certified. There are well-defined levels of training - EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic. Question: Where is that education/training available? Answer: A standard basic training program is taught in hospitals, community colleges, and police, fire and health department. Upon completion of basic training certification and/or licensing is required. Question: Give a general plan for your completion of that education/training Answer: I have elected to follow the HCC’s Health and Medical Science degree plan. This will afford me the luxury of twofold, as the courses required for my degree include the courses required for EMT training. Once I have completed the specified courses I will be able to prepare and register for the EMT certification programs.

Question #2: What is the outlook for jobs in this career (e.g. Where are the jobs? Answer: Employment outlook depend partly on the community you are seeing employment. Larger communities should remain favorable. Job opportunities appear to be best in the private ambulance services. Question: How many are expected when you plan to enter the field? Answer: EMT’s and Paramedics are expected to grow faster than average...
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